• WiFi Penetration Testing

    Audit wifi access point and discover vulnerabilities in seconds Supports WPA/WPA2/WEP/WPS

    Supports GPU/CPU/FPGA/DSP

  • Network Simulation

    View network traffic in real time and identify communicating hosts in a 2D interactive interface

  • Builtin Servers

    Audit network services using builtin DNS, DHCP and HTTP servers

  • Free updates
    great Support

    and so much more ...

Awesome Features

Fern Pro ships with tons of exciting features and more


Fern Pro provides an arsenal of powerful tools for auditing and securing your network


Fern Pro is efficient and able to find vulnerabilites in ways that currently don't exist in other tools of its kind

Simple to Use

Fern Pro can be used by novice and expert users

Fast (GPU Supported)

Fern Pro processes are fast and 100% automated, they require little or no interaction to achieve the expected result


Fern Pro internal functions are highly efficient and content aware

Customer Support

Our customer support is available 24/7


Security professionals use Fern Pro