We offer two versions for use, professional and free version, The free version is a limited version, while the professional version is faster, contains all full features and is updated regularly. If you wish to use Fern Pro, Please click purchase to get a licence.

Please see installation video guide for the installation procedure. 

Crack WPA faster on fern pro with the newly implemented PMKID attack

Also Crack WPA without wordlist with the new WiFi Phishing attack vector view demo

  • WiFi Phishing     view demo
  • Resume Interrupted WiFi Attacks  
  • GPU/CPU Support
  • 5GHz Channels  
  • 2GHz Channels
  • SSL Strip  
  • Offline WiFi Auditing
  • Import Capture Files
  • Internet Sharing  
  • Session Hijacking
  • Service Bruteforce
  • SQLite Support
  • MySQL Support
  • Network Simulation
  • WiFi Analyzer
  • Authentication
  • HTTP Injection
  • DHCP Server
  • DNS Server
  • HTTP Server
  • MiTM Capability
  • Rogue Access Point
  • Reporting
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